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          法律500 2020



          We provide advice & representation to both paying and receiving parties and are instructed by solicitors, costs draftsman, public bodies (e.g. NHS Resolution) and funding insurers.

          我们的成本头, 理查德·威尔科克, has been instructed in a number of high profile costs cases in the last few years including Merrix v Burton Hospitals, Murrells v Cambridgeshire & McMenemy v Peterborough.

          We specifically advise & represent clients in the following areas:

          • 成本预算
          • 详细评估
          • 固定成本纠纷
          • 非党讼费命令
          • 处理不当
          • 例外qocs
          • 成本上诉
          • 资金
          • 家臣
          • 事后保险/额外负债
          • Solicitor & Client Assessments


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