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          We provide advice & representation to both paying and receiving parties and are instructed by solicitors, costs draftsman, public bodies (e.g. NHS Resolution) and funding insurers.

          理查德·威尔科克, head of the costs department, has been instructed in a number of high profile costs cases in the last few years including Merrix v Burton Hospitals, Murrells v Cambridgeshire & McMenemy v Peterborough.

          We specifically advise & represent clients in the following areas:

          • 成本预算
          • 详细评估
          • 固定成本纠纷
          • 非党讼费命令
          • 处理不当
          • 例外qocs
          • 成本上诉
          • 资金
          • 家臣
          • 事后保险/额外负债
          • Solicitor & Client Assessments


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